Sunday, 21 June 2015

Improving all the time

Look at my luscious locks now
Even my eyebrows have sprouted again!
I'm about to start my final week of radiation. It has gone really well, my skin is looking good, it's been protected by a dressing so I haven't had to apply creams.
I've got plenty of energy and even managed to visit Dark Mofo to take in the sights and sounds
It was freezing outside but the city was buzzing, fabulous for the middle of winter.
I still have no stitching to show you, I've been preparing for A Stitching Affair and I've still got a mini quilt challenge to put together and I'm quickly running out of time.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Just a brief update

 I am into my 3rd week of radiation treatment and all is going well. It gets a bit tiring driving to the hospital each day. Parking takes longer than the actual treatment.
Good news is my hair has started growing again and I have a soft fluffy covering on my scalp.
I'm wearing beanies more now as it has gotten quite chilly. So there's 3 more weeks of radiation to go and most of the hard work is done. I will still go in every 3 weeks to receive Herceptin but at least that's manageable.
On a stitching note I've been doing a bit of secret squirrel stuff and also preparing for a retreat with Helen Stubbings and Gail Pan - A Stitching Affair. Luckily it's the week after radiation finishes so I can get some girly therapy.
I'll be back later to show you what I've been making.