Monday, 28 February 2011

Things We Love

Block 1 from Things We Love BOM finished.
I'm making my blocks 6 1/2" to use in amongst other blocks I'm making with FIS.
Click on the link on my sidebar if you want to do this Free BOM, bought to blogland from The Gumtree Girls.

Speaking of things we love, I love old keys. I picked up this one, only 1 1/2" long, from the markets while shopping with fellow Treasure Hunter Fee.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Goodies for sale

I'm having a bit of a clean out, I picked up these goods at shows and I either haven't found the right project or my tastes have changed. I'll post these anywhere in Australia or NZ for $5. Sorry but places outside these countries will have to pay the standard Australia Post Rates
 So up for Sale is....

 Lilly and Will Jelly Roll in Pinks and Browns for $35 SOLD

Fat Quarter Bundle of Panache by Sanae for $110

Fat Quarter Bundle of Boutique by Chez Moi for $130 SOLD
Send me an email if you'd like to purchase any of these.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mother Nature's at it again!

Mother Nature is at it again and struck a cruel blow to our neighbour, New Zealand.
My thoughts and prayers are with all those in Christchurch affected by another earthquake.

Monday, 21 February 2011

What a great stitching week I've had!

It's been a busy week at my place, lots of stitching to show and with hubby away for a weekend I squeezed in as much stitching as I could. Plus it was my rostered day-off today so what else can I do but stitch but it's where I stitched that made it most enjoyable.

So to start with I finished two more Gardener's Journal blocks, only two more to go.
Block E
and Block F.
I'll be having another big week of stitching at nights to finish the remaining two blocks and putting the top together so I can join in the Tis the Season Stitch-a-long on time.

Next I started and came very close to finishing the Bunny Love cushion that Shell sent me, look Shell I nearly finished it!
one more vine to go and then lots of beads to sew on.

And where was I stitching today, where else but Toby's, oh I mean his mumma's place, Fee's!
Isn't he the sweetest little dog, such a cutie.

Better sit down for this Stina I finally finished your bear! it's only taken me 12 months, actually longer, she's going to be headed your way this week. She's a little bit of sunshine from the South Pole going to the North Pole to brighten a cold chilly day

Thank-you for all the lovely messages regarding my Aunty's passing, they're greatly appreciated.

Friday, 18 February 2011

RIP Brenda

This week we sadly farewell my lovely Aunty Brenda. I spent alot of my youth at her house, playing with my cousin Carrie. Brenda's chocolate cakes and trifle were always a treat.
I have lots of lovely memories that I will cherish forever.

Today my thoughts are with Uncle Graeme, Cousin's Don, Neri, Gareth and Carrie and their partners and children. Wish I could be there with you all.
RIP Brenda xxx

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Blogging buddies are so generous!

Lovely surprises in the mail this week.

First one was from Chookyblue for winning her 800th post, I still can't fathom that she has written 800 posts, what a dedicated blogger Chooky is! Chooky is also the source I go to if I need any bloggy questions answered, she has some great tutorials.
Here's the beautifully wrapped surprise with one of her cards on the front

and inside was a gorgeous table runner, more fabulous cards, a notepad and one of her snazzy key fobs.
Thank-you Chooky for a wonderful prize!

The second parcel was from Michelle at The Rasberry Rabbits.
I love Shell's stories and photos about her two rabbits Sugie and Harrington, they're so darn cute!
Shell is also a very talented designer and her works feature beautiful Valdani threads, I've used these before for punchneedles but when I saw the pretty thread used in her most recent project I fell in love with it and of course I wanted to make it and how appropriate it be called "Bunny Love".

Now Shell being the beautiful bloggy friend she is sent me a kit, isn't she just the sweetest.
I almost couldn't unwrap it, it was so beautiful, love that tissue paper!

 and inside was all this!

Now I'm going to have to interrupt my stitching on Gardener's Journal to make this pretty pillow, I wonder if I can finish it in a weekend?
Thank-you Shell, I feel very spoilt and look out something will be coming your way soon!
P.S. Shell is also hosting a Free Bom called 12 of Hearts, click on the link on my Sidebar if you want to join in

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lovely Lunch

Special lunchdate today with lovely friends, Fee & Sarah
Thanks for the great company ladies!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Block C and a Message to Mother Nature

Another Gardener's Journal block finished, only 4 to go.

Message for Mother Nature
Fair suck of the Sav Miss Mother Nature, don't you think you've inflicted enough  pain on Australia?
You've dished out enough already, how about some good news for us!
Heat waves in New South Wales, Flash Floods in Victoria and Fires in Western Australia, don't you think you've gotten a bit carried away?

Message to my fellow Aussies

Stay Safe, no matter what is thrown at you, she'll have to run out of steam soon!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Sleepless Night

We've woken this morning to news that areas around Mission Beach and Tully have been hardest hit and thankfully no lives have been lost, I'm praying that remains so as the morning unfolds.
After Cyclone Tracy, the building regulations in Australia changed forever and it seems that all structures built after Tracy have the strength to withstand such a severe storm. There are however older buildings that after Cyclone Larry may have weakened from the gusts of winds and probably not held up to the powerful gusts of Yasi but these are all replaceable and lives are not. As fair dinkum aussies we will rally together in assisting these communities in whichever way we can to help them get back on their feet.
Hugs to all

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Queenslanders battle mother nature again

Well it was only a couple of weeks ago we were all talking about the devastating floods, which by the way are still working their way down through Australia, and now we turn to another potentially catastrophic event.
This has been highlighted in The Courier Mail (A Queensland newspaper). This picture is quite grim and compares Hurricane Katrina to Cyclone Yasi amongst other well know cyclones Tracy in 1974 and Larry in 2006. The comparison is frightening.
(for a better picture from Courier Mail go Here)
I think this picture says it all.

Some people are getting out while they can and others are staying to watch their homes, a very brave bunch.
To all my Northern Queensland relatives and friends, batten down the hatches and stay safe, I'm thinking of you all.