Friday, 13 April 2012

Assignments are interfering with Stitching!

It seems I never have enough time for stitching lately, possibly because I have assignments to do. I just finish one and then another lands in my lap and they're never small assignments. I'm no accountant but I have to analyse the financial reports of an ASX listed company over 3 consecutive years! So I've had my head in the books giving myself a crash course and I have to complete it in time so I can go to the Launceston Craft Show in two weeks. Plus there's another round of workshops in between.

Anyway I know you haven't come here to listen to me moaning about my workload so I'll leave you with a little pick of the next quilt I was preparing before these assignments took over.

Doesn't this look sweet? It's from a quilt called Carpe Dieum and is available from Esmes in a kit. I couldn't resist and neither could another of my quilting allies!

Friday, 6 April 2012

What's up Pussy Cat?

Hands up to all those stitchers out there that have followed Helen and Gail as they trekked alll over Europe showcasing their talent and teaching their skills? They posted regularly on FB so if you've missed it you'll be even more envious, as was I, to learn they visited Tone Finnanger's Studio!!

I'd have squeezed into a suitcase had I have known they'd get to visit the home of Tilda!

But being the lovely friend that Helen is, she thought of me and bought me home a surprise....'s in Norwegian but I don't care cause look what is inside!!!....'s autographed just for me!

Can you tell I was grinning like a cheshire cat when Helen gave it to me.

Thank-you so much Helen, I'll have to make something from it now.

P.S If you visit Helen and Gail's blogs, you'll find a couple of free patterns to download!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Red Brolly Swapping

FIS online group held a Red Brolly swap, I received from VIx a Gorgeous Teana Purse
Thank-you Vicky!!
I made for Sarah, so pop on over to her blog to see what I made.