Monday 11 January 2016

Hello 2016!

It's the 2nd week of 2016 so I thought I need to get blogging. 
The big news is that Helen's new shop "Quarter Inch" opened it's doors today!
Over the xmas break I finally got Beatrice out of her box and had a play and I also had a good go at cleaning up my room, it's alot better now.
Last week I had my high school bestie, Valerie, visiting, poor girl had to wear a moonboot as she had injured her ankle a few weeks ago but that didn't stop her doing things. We visited the top of Kunanyi (Mt Wellington)
 We shopped, ate, drank (beautiful Barossa Dutschke bubbles) and as always we picked a project to work on and we chose one of Helen's designs. We both made good progress, and now we're chugging our way through applecores!
The applique shapes are all stitched down now.
Valerie also gifted me a precious quilt. 
I'm so blessed to have the most beautiful friends in my life.
As for 2016 I plan to enjoy every minute of it as who knows what lies ahead!

Thursday 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas

Geez I didn't realise I had been missing in action for so long. Good news My Mum is doing well and so am I. This week I had a wee bit of surgery to stop my body producing oestrogen which fed the type of cancer I had and today was my final intravenous herceptin treatment. 
So 2016 is going to be all about getting my health back on track, either the gym or swimming will feature in that and of course stop eating rubbish and focus on healthy foo ds....after xmas!
Also stitching is high on the agenda as I have an awesome new sewing machine, a Bernina 720, whose name shall be Beatrice. I'm going to be spending the next couple of weeks making friends with her. Of course there'll always be handstitching to do. I finished this on Monday, Merry Berry Xmas, designed by my talented friend and also now my boss, Helen Stubbings.
Merry Christmas to all my blog friends, I wish you all continued happiness and good health.

Sunday 30 August 2015

What a Week!

My dear Mum had a massive heart attack on Tuesday, she had 3 blockages, one which was fixed by a stent and the other two far too calcified so they were bored to allow blood flow. In the early hours of Wednesday morning one of her arteries leaked and caused blood to surround the heart and stop it from pumping. The doctors revived her and managed to drain the blood away. She was then put on a care flight from Launceston to Hobart. She spent the next 24 hours in ICU, intubated and sedated. Thursday they removed the tubes and yesterday she was moved to the Cardiology Department where she now waits for Triple By-pass Surgery. She's very tired but she has colour back in her cheeks.
This is my mum, Lundy.

I have to mention she was ironing at the time the attack occurred, I always knew ironing was hazardous for your health!
The surgery is planned for Monday week, she's a tough cookie so I'm positive she'll come out of it even stronger. 
My brother has flown down from Queensland and is staying with us, my sister and Mum's partner stayed here too but my sister has returned to Launceston and will come down for visits and Mum's partner has chosen to have his own space at moved to a hotel.

This week also saw my Dear friend Fee's son Josh undergo surgery yesterday. Josh had a leg amputated a cople of years ago and unfortunately his good leg has suffered the same fate. Josh has a young  family and could do with as much financial help as possible so Fee has established a "Go Fund Me" page which you can find here if you can help, even if it's only a little.

And also this week my Dear friend Helen's family's pooch, Bentley, underwent surgery too. Hopefully the surgery will ensure a pain free life for the beloved ball of fluff!

So it's been an exhausting week all round but I can't help but be positive. They're all in good hands and I'm sure my Mum has an angel watching over her.

Saturday 22 August 2015

Loving Life

Okay, okay I know, I'm a slack blogger but I've been busy.
I have been stitching pieces for a project folder.

And also some blocks for a Quiltalong that will be starting soon over at Hugs 'n Kisses.
Plus embroidering some blocks by Gail Pan
My hair is getting thicker
So overall life is good, just that I'm a slack blogger!

Sunday 21 June 2015

Improving all the time

Look at my luscious locks now
Even my eyebrows have sprouted again!
I'm about to start my final week of radiation. It has gone really well, my skin is looking good, it's been protected by a dressing so I haven't had to apply creams.
I've got plenty of energy and even managed to visit Dark Mofo to take in the sights and sounds
It was freezing outside but the city was buzzing, fabulous for the middle of winter.
I still have no stitching to show you, I've been preparing for A Stitching Affair and I've still got a mini quilt challenge to put together and I'm quickly running out of time.