Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Chemo session no 1

I'm in the seat today, having my first chemo session. I slept little last night, anxiety crept in. But i had little to fear, my nurse, Skye, is fantastic, she's doing a good job. brett's beside me happily reading a rock and mineral magazine and I'm about to start the final bag of drugs which will take about 90minutes.
Apologies for the poor photo

Saturday, 13 December 2014


Brett and I have been to a big sell off of mineral specimens by a well known collector but my purchase of the day to add to my fossil collection was not from his collection but from the store hosting the sale.
Presenting.....Agariocrinus Splendens

Lower Mississipian Edwardsville Formation Crawfordsville Montgomery Co. Indiana

Monday, 8 December 2014

Not long now until Santa drops in

Secret Squirrel Sewing for xmas....
.... I love surprises of the good variety!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Recovering with Family and Friends

It's been a big week, recovering from surgery and having my lovely big brother and gorgeous niece visiting.
We visited Cadbury's
(the glum face was because Lachlan told me to stop smiling)

We visited Richmond with our big sis and nephew too
We toured Port Arthur and even did the Ghost Tour

And enjoyed Tassie's breathtaking scenery
My niece helped me complete the finishing touches on the decorations for Helen's Stitch with Me day

And she put in a full day helping on the day, she did an excellent job so I could sit and rest when I needed to.
All of the ladies had a fabulous time. 
Helen's next Stitching Day will be with Lynette Anderson on the 15th March, register via the Hugs n Kisses website if you want to join us!

Now that my family has flown back to Bris Vegas it means back to my day job.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Surgery Take 2

I went back under the knife yesterday, it didn't run as smoothly as the first surgery.
I had to be at the hospital by 9am which meant I wasn't allowed any food after 12pm on Wednesday night and couldn't drink anything after 7am. I was eventually wheeled into theatre at 12:30.
The anaesthetist took two goes at getting the needle in and created a couple of bruises, the last time I had an intern and she was brilliant.
When I woke afterwards I had a massive headache and felt nauseous, last time I didn't experience either. The student nurse pumped a bag of fluids through, but I couldn't have anymore painkillers until after 5:30. I have had very little pain from the incision, just a bit of discomfort.
I'm home now, resting, drinking plenty of water and a few doses of panadol. 
So what's next, in about 4 weeks I'll start chemo, you'll probably get to see a bald me, wonder what my noggin will look like? 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The aftermath

Well I recovered nicely from surgery, was a bit sore but only really needed panadol for the ache.
My pathology results indicate it was a Grade 2, 11mm invasive ductile carcinoma, my lymph node was relatively clear however I am HER2 positive. HER2 positive is the issue here, it means I have high levels of protein in my cells which means there's a higher likelihood of it coming back. The treatment involves 3 months chemo, 12 months of Herceptin and radiation. Bugger!  The results also showed some of the cancer cells were on the outer side of the margin so back to surgery next Thursday to take a bit more out. Bugger! 
I have to miss a trip with Helen to Melbourne for Quilt Market, Double Bugger! But you bet I will be there next year!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Surgery is over

Well the surgery is over, it wasn't too bad. The damn spot, as I call it, is out now. I'm a wee bit sore but wanted to let you all know I am doing fine. My hubby took this picture just before I went in.
So what next, I wait and see what my results are from the lymph node biopsy and that will determine my treatment. Fingers crossed I only need radiation treatment.
Thank you for all your well wishes. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Temora Traveller

I've been stitching lately to keep my mind off health matters and it really helps to calm a busy mind but you don't need me to tell stitchers that.
So I've been clamming and hexing to make the Hugs 'n Kisses Temora Traveller Bag, such a cute little project bag. I'm leaving out the main embroidery, instead using a print for the background, inspired by the Belle's version show on Helen's Blog.

I can't wait to start putting it together.
Thursday 30th October is the day I go in for surgery so I am a wee bit anxious about that but it's necessary and until then I will stitch like mad on this project and whatever else takes my fancy.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Boobie Awareness

...and this month I have discovered I too have become one of those affected. It's not all bad news though I have caught it really early and is treatable. I will face surgery soon.
I can only praise what a great service BreastScreen Tasmania provide, it was picked up during my recent routine mammogram, I can't even feel it, so I am very lucky.
The staff at BreastScreen say only 58% of women use this service, it should be alot more, it's free and can save your life. So don't be scared ladies, for a couple of minutes being uncomfortable it may save your life too.
As for me I am coping with the diagnosis well, yes I shed a few tears but they were mostly out of relief knowing it's treatable. I have a great supportive team of family and friends I can lean on and to keep me positive,
So ladies know your boobies and if you notice any changes get them checked out and if you're eligible for a free screening go and do it!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Another year older

On Monday I celebrated another birthday but it is really getting to a point where it's no longer a celebration but a reminder that another year has passed and I haven't made much of a dent in my fabric stash, in truth it probably increased.
I was very spoilt, Brett and Lachlan gave me a new sewing chair. I've been covetting one of these for a few years and luckily the craft show last weekend was the perfect time to get one. Thank you to my two precious boys xxx
My online group "Friends in Stitching" gave me a fabulous little bag with plenty of pockets and zippered pockets plus some little extras. De was the maker and she chose very well.

I loved the little zipper pull

My gorgeous friend Helen surprised me with a scrumptious white chocolate mud cake and my very own bundle of Basically Hugs. Tilly made me the green and gold band and Molly decorated the cake with bunting.
The cake didn't last long at all as I had to share it with my boys.
Thank you Helen and girls, you are all very special to me x
Talking of Helen she's announced a Christmas Stitching Day in November, hope many of you can join us there, it's always lots of fun.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Where was I in May?

Grab a cuppa, this is a long one and very overdue!
In May I had my first overseas adventure, I was able to tag along with Helen to Quilt Market in Pittsburgh with a wee bit of a holiday before and after.
We first visited New York and met up with Anni (Hatched and Patched) and Yazzi for 4 days of non stop mayhem.
We squeezed in 2 broadway shows "Cinderella" and "Mama Mia" plus scored tickets to Dave Letterman's The Late Show where we saw the gorgeous Harry Conick Jnr, Jessie Eisenberg and The Black Keys.
Walked around Central Park and got excited seeing my first squirrel!

We wandered around Times Square

and did bus tours, a cruise on the Hudson,

rode on the subway, visited Ground Zero,

 took in the fashion district plus a visit to Red Roosters Office, we saw NY at night from Radio City,

We walked lots, did a little shopping and ate lots of 99c pizza including Kosher Pizza.

From there Helen drove Anni and I to Amish Country in Pennsylvani (Yazzi chose to fly to Pittsburgh), at one point we asked a Sherriff what the speed limit was as everyone was passing us at the signposted 55mph, he said we could do what we like as long as we didn't weave in and out of traffic and draw attention to ourselves. Anni and I were busy chatting and we missed a turnoff so we ended up on a back road and found ouselves at a Garage Sale, the shed was full of stuff and we had a blast climbing over everything finding treasures to dress up the booths for quilt market. We were Australian Pickers!

So onto Amish Country where we had a terrific buggy ride and a chap who was willing to answer 10 million questions. We ate at Katies Kitchen, nice homely meal after eating lots of pizza. They don't really do vegetarian meals, poor Anni had carrots, peas and baked beans which had bacon all through it!

There's lots of Quilt Shops in this part of the US, we all bought lovely things. I picked up some fabulous ornaments.

Then it was onto Quilt Market. It was full on, lots of fun! I got to meet Terri Dekenholb from Whimsicals, Kath Schmidt,  plus a few others. There was a strong Australian presence including Gail Pan, Anni Downs, Lynette Anderson, Rosalie Quinlan and of course my lovely friend Helen Stubbings.

After market we farewelled Anni and travelled with Lisa from The Quilt Foundry. Lisa took us to Berlin and a lovely B&B for two nights. We toured Amish country in Ohio, visited an Amish Homestead, sampled more Amish food, visited quite a few Antique Malls where I picked up a vintage german toy sewing machine.
We then headed to Lisa and her husband Rich's home in Maumee, Ohio. This part of the world is beautiful, I fell in love with all the old homes.

We did a bit of shopping at an Outdoor Mall, visited Checkers and what's visiting the US without a trip to Walmart!

Helen did a trunk show at The Quilt Foundry and two days of teaching while Rich took me on a tour of Toledo and we visited two of the biggest sporting goods shops I have ever seen.

Our last day was spent at Lake Eerie, it was a glorious day, we went on a lovely walk followed by a delicious meal.

Lisa drove us to Detroit Airport where we started our long journey back home. Thanks to Helen for being a great travel buddy and to Lisa and Rich for being the most fabulous hosts and to their daughter Mindy for her gorgeous smile and friendship. 

Friday, 30 May 2014

There's a Party Going On

This weekend I'm going to find some time to join the Chookshed's 2nd Anniversary and somewhere in between I'll put up a post about the fantastic trip I had to the US with Helen.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Stitching up a storm!

This past couple of weeks I have been stitching up a storm! With 3 little projects, lots of 1/2" hexies and some brand new fabrics I whipped these up in no time.
Pretty Pouch
Pencil Pouch
Zipper Pouch
All 100% designed by and fabrics created by my friend Helen Stubbings, Hugs 'n Kisses.
The fabric range is called Primrose Sands and not yet released, it's so pretty.
So what next? More stitching but this time embroidery. See you when I have something else to show you!

Monday, 31 March 2014

Hexies and Gail Pan Swap

Our online sewing group held a "Gail Pan" themed swap, this is what I received from Kez of Willowgrove Quilting, perfect mini quilt for my table stand, Thanks Kez x
and this is what I made for De
I also sent her a little Gail Pan kit and a chocolate.
This week I'm getting to play with these yummy, soon to be released fabrics designed by Helen Stubbings of Hugs 'n Kisses called "Primrose Sands"
So far there's lots of hexies being made....
and they'll be turned into her Hexie Club projects ready for display at Spring Market. Not long to go now and then we'll be jetting off to the US!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

In a nutshell

Last week I completed a snugglybug block, this one is for a very sick boy,
I hope it gives him strength x
Gotta love Peppa Pig! Even makes grownups smile :-)

Yesterday I worked with Helen styling rooms with quilts and cushions for her new book, here's a sneaky peak taken on my ipad camera.
Helen is so inspirational, she always has something new she is working on and her style evolves and changes in between visits, there is always something new to see. Can't wait for our trip to the US in May, we'll have a ball!

And today I came home to a package from Lucy Locket.
Awhile ago I made a mini quilt for Lucy, you can see it here, and today mine arrived and I absolutely love it, cool spools, it's going straight to the craft room wall!
Lucy also sent some other lovelies, hexie pincushion and some great pieces from her stash.
Thank you Lucy, don't ever doubt your creativity, it's a great example of who you are, special xxx

So that's my week in a nutshell, I'll tell you about my day job another time, it's been sucking the life out of me lately but I will survive!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Stitch With Me 2014

We had a lovely day yesterday at "Stitch with Me". I decorated the tables while Helen set up shop
and her girls got the kitchen humming and created some delicious treats! Love those cookies!
All the ladies got into it quickly, including Helen sharing many hints and tips.
It was lovely meeting some new faces and catching up with many I have met before.
Everyone had a lovely time
And best of all they ended up with fun projects to complete.
Hope to see you all again next year!