Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Joy of Sewing ATC

Remember this ATC card I recieved from Kimberly of Art Joy Stuff, weLl now I can reveal the card I made for her. The theme was "Joy of Sewing" and this was my interpretation...
...I even included a vintage Australian stamp, just to remind Kimberly of how far the card has travelled.
It's so much fun working on a small scale!
Please visit Art Joy Stuff to see the other terrific cards that Kimberly received.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What am I doing?

 A bit of secret squirrelling for a friend...
A bit of secret squirrelling for myself....
and a bit of off the page fun...
This little dress form is what I created after I joined Karla Nathan's class, there's a link on my sidebar if you want to do the class too, it's a bit of fun!

Have you seen what Helen has coming up? Click on the link "Stitched Sunday" on my sidebar to take you to the details.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bad Blogger!

HHHmmm this isn't good blogging behaviour, more than two weeks since my last post. Well I have an excuse firstly I got very sick and spent a few days curled up in bed and I have been away the last few days. I visited my sister in Launceston. Of course a trip to north of the state must include a visit to Esmes and Calico Crossroads to catch up with stitching friends and see what's new. I bought a few things but my most special buy was some lovely new black boots and no they're not from a patchwork shop... they're so comfy!

Now the trip to my sister's had to include some crafty time and she wanted to learn how to make an art canvas, here's the results, this one is mine, it's called "If I Could Fly"

This one is my sisters, it's called "Dare to be Different"

We had lots of fun creating these and getting our hands dirty.

While I was away this ATC from Kimberly arrived, the theme for this swap was Sewing.

Thank-you Kimberly!
Kimberly hasn't received mine yet so I can't show you a photo, it must almost be there by now.
Also on my doorstep arrived a little box of chockies from my friend Rosie, Thank-you Rosie! (my hubby only ate one!)