Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Queenslanders battle mother nature again

Well it was only a couple of weeks ago we were all talking about the devastating floods, which by the way are still working their way down through Australia, and now we turn to another potentially catastrophic event.
This has been highlighted in The Courier Mail (A Queensland newspaper). This picture is quite grim and compares Hurricane Katrina to Cyclone Yasi amongst other well know cyclones Tracy in 1974 and Larry in 2006. The comparison is frightening.
(for a better picture from Courier Mail go Here)
I think this picture says it all.

Some people are getting out while they can and others are staying to watch their homes, a very brave bunch.
To all my Northern Queensland relatives and friends, batten down the hatches and stay safe, I'm thinking of you all.


Vicki said...

I have friends and relatives who have been evacuated and some just hoping to battle it out in their homes - this makes what is happening very personal as it affects ones we love as well as thousands of others. May you all find the inner strength to keep going. We are all thinking of you and hoping and praying for divine intervention xxxxxxxxxxx

Deb said...

So scary Jo isn't it.

De said...

Living here in Brisbane I just feel sick to the stomach for what those in Far North Queensland are facing. Wish them safety over the next 24 hours

Valentina said...

Keeping you as a country and as a people in my prayers. Sending you Love.

Susan In Texas said...

I've been watching the news about Yasi and have been very concerned. The one thing Queensland has going for it that is MUCH better than New Orleans during Katrina is that I don't think your main cities are built below sea level. I know it sounds unbelievable, but New Orleans is about 2 meters below sea level and is only protected from being inundated on a daily basis by dykes. When they failed during Katrina, chaos ensued. I'm hoping for much better in the wake of Yasi.

Thanks for the update,
Susan in Texas