Saturday, 13 December 2014


Brett and I have been to a big sell off of mineral specimens by a well known collector but my purchase of the day to add to my fossil collection was not from his collection but from the store hosting the sale.
Presenting.....Agariocrinus Splendens

Lower Mississipian Edwardsville Formation Crawfordsville Montgomery Co. Indiana

Monday, 8 December 2014

Not long now until Santa drops in

Secret Squirrel Sewing for xmas....
.... I love surprises of the good variety!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Recovering with Family and Friends

It's been a big week, recovering from surgery and having my lovely big brother and gorgeous niece visiting.
We visited Cadbury's
(the glum face was because Lachlan told me to stop smiling)

We visited Richmond with our big sis and nephew too
We toured Port Arthur and even did the Ghost Tour

And enjoyed Tassie's breathtaking scenery
My niece helped me complete the finishing touches on the decorations for Helen's Stitch with Me day

And she put in a full day helping on the day, she did an excellent job so I could sit and rest when I needed to.
All of the ladies had a fabulous time. 
Helen's next Stitching Day will be with Lynette Anderson on the 15th March, register via the Hugs n Kisses website if you want to join us!

Now that my family has flown back to Bris Vegas it means back to my day job.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Surgery Take 2

I went back under the knife yesterday, it didn't run as smoothly as the first surgery.
I had to be at the hospital by 9am which meant I wasn't allowed any food after 12pm on Wednesday night and couldn't drink anything after 7am. I was eventually wheeled into theatre at 12:30.
The anaesthetist took two goes at getting the needle in and created a couple of bruises, the last time I had an intern and she was brilliant.
When I woke afterwards I had a massive headache and felt nauseous, last time I didn't experience either. The student nurse pumped a bag of fluids through, but I couldn't have anymore painkillers until after 5:30. I have had very little pain from the incision, just a bit of discomfort.
I'm home now, resting, drinking plenty of water and a few doses of panadol. 
So what's next, in about 4 weeks I'll start chemo, you'll probably get to see a bald me, wonder what my noggin will look like? 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The aftermath

Well I recovered nicely from surgery, was a bit sore but only really needed panadol for the ache.
My pathology results indicate it was a Grade 2, 11mm invasive ductile carcinoma, my lymph node was relatively clear however I am HER2 positive. HER2 positive is the issue here, it means I have high levels of protein in my cells which means there's a higher likelihood of it coming back. The treatment involves 3 months chemo, 12 months of Herceptin and radiation. Bugger!  The results also showed some of the cancer cells were on the outer side of the margin so back to surgery next Thursday to take a bit more out. Bugger! 
I have to miss a trip with Helen to Melbourne for Quilt Market, Double Bugger! But you bet I will be there next year!