Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mother Nature's at it again!

Mother Nature is at it again and struck a cruel blow to our neighbour, New Zealand.
My thoughts and prayers are with all those in Christchurch affected by another earthquake.


Vicki said...

My word, this part of the world has really made her cross!!!!!!

Isabella said...

What's next makes you wonder hope all our bloggy friends are safe

Susan In Texas said...

Oh no. I just woke up to this. What a nightmare. I hope the death toll doesn't go higher as they fear. Your neck of the woods has certainly born the brunt of it lately - unreal. The world is really in a mess these days, between mother nature and the craziness in the mideast, there's almost too much to keep track of.

Take care,
Susan in Texas

mandapanda said...

Amen Jo! Just goes to prove what the Bible says is true, and confirms my faith even more!

Michelle May said...

What a mess the world is in. I hope everyone is safe.
xx, shell

Julie said...

Hello!!! Long time no see. :0)
I'm back!
So sorry to see/read of the natural disasters down your way lately.