Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Blogging buddies are so generous!

Lovely surprises in the mail this week.

First one was from Chookyblue for winning her 800th post, I still can't fathom that she has written 800 posts, what a dedicated blogger Chooky is! Chooky is also the source I go to if I need any bloggy questions answered, she has some great tutorials.
Here's the beautifully wrapped surprise with one of her cards on the front

and inside was a gorgeous table runner, more fabulous cards, a notepad and one of her snazzy key fobs.
Thank-you Chooky for a wonderful prize!

The second parcel was from Michelle at The Rasberry Rabbits.
I love Shell's stories and photos about her two rabbits Sugie and Harrington, they're so darn cute!
Shell is also a very talented designer and her works feature beautiful Valdani threads, I've used these before for punchneedles but when I saw the pretty thread used in her most recent project I fell in love with it and of course I wanted to make it and how appropriate it be called "Bunny Love".

Now Shell being the beautiful bloggy friend she is sent me a kit, isn't she just the sweetest.
I almost couldn't unwrap it, it was so beautiful, love that tissue paper!

 and inside was all this!

Now I'm going to have to interrupt my stitching on Gardener's Journal to make this pretty pillow, I wonder if I can finish it in a weekend?
Thank-you Shell, I feel very spoilt and look out something will be coming your way soon!
P.S. Shell is also hosting a Free Bom called 12 of Hearts, click on the link on my Sidebar if you want to join in


happy rosie said...

Hi you are such a beautiful person, so enjoy

De said...

How very spoilt are you! Nearly as spoilt as me. LOL. I think I need that bunny love kit so may have to pop over and visit Michelle.

Isabella said...

Oh yummy Jo they look lovely no wonder Gardeners Journal has to wait.

Quilt Kitty said...

Lucky Jo, your parcels are beautiful on the outside & even better on the inside. Happy stitching xx

Maree: said...

They Certainly are Gorgeous Gifts...and Rightly Deserved....looking forward to seeing that Bunny Pillow...I have started following RR it's a Great Blog...

Susan In Texas said...

Oh what a pretty bunny kit. I'm in a bunny mood too having just finished my Pierre Lapin applique.(At least I think I'm done, when you design it yourself, you never really know when you're finished!) I look forward to seeing your pillow complete. Chooky really sets the bar high for give-aways! What a terrific set of gifts. I was the recipient of a "pay it forward" recently, so I need to think of something really good. 8)

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas

wonderwoman said...

what lovely pressies! look forward to seeing what you make!


Stina said...

Lovely lovely mail!!!!
Hurry sew the pillow ... Want to see...:0)

Chookyblue...... said...

so pleased you love the goodies I sent to you........enjoy stitching up your other parcel too........

Michelle May said...

You are so fun Jo! I love the way you Aussie friends say, spoilt! Makes me laugh! Glad you like your pressie. Makes me so happy for you to have it! Special to me you are indeed. :)
xx, shell

Anonymous said...

How lovely!! It's so nice to get special things in the mail!