Monday, 11 October 2010

The Beautiful and the Ugly!

Well my secret project  baby has been shipped off to it's destination, won't be long until the big reveal
but here's a sneaky peak of one of my favourite blocks
Can you guess who the designer is of this block? Here's a clue, it's not an Australian.
It won't be long now and all will be revealled, you've waited so patiently.
At home we've been working on some sewer and stormwater problems, it has certainly snowballed into a very costly exercise but once it is complete we know we'll never have any problems again.
Since taking these photos we've ripped up all the concrete from our driveway and we'll replace the whole lot rather than just strips.
The worst part is that this work has impacted on my sewing budget and once the plumbing work is all finished and covered in concrete you can't see how much money we've spent! At least when I sew I always have a beautiful object to show for it!!
The good news is that I'm still going to the Tassie Retreat organised by my fellow blogging buddies Cathy and Sarah, I'm looking forward to some time out, only two weeks to go Yippee!


Jodie said...

You will ned a retreat after all that mess and commotion !

Leanne said...

Umm looking like lots of mess there. Have fun at the retreat sewing and talking is good for the soul and you can forget your plumbing problems.

Michelle May said...

Oh man...what an awful mess to deal with! A retreat sounds perfect. Ok...I'm totally dying to see this finished project!!!!!!!! :)
xx, shell

Jeni said...

My Goodness about 18 months ago we had to Jack Hammer the whole side of our house....Terracotta Tiles ....had a leak under the tiles..... what a mess and large bill to go with it......Have a great time at the retreat

Isabella said...

Wow Jo that is looking costly, cant wait much longer to see what you are up to

wonderwoman said...

we had our drive done and it cost a fortune - doesn't seem fair really - all that money and all we do is drive over it and park on it!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Is that repro fabric Jo...I love it!!!

Lorraine said...

ooo.ouch........messy AND costly! the retreat will be just what the doctor ordered! is that a Kathy Schmitz project?

Leanne said...

Hi Jo
Is the designer of the quilt aid block Kathy Schmitz?