Tuesday, 12 October 2010


....3 Aussie stitching friends to join me in Helen's
all that I ask is that you're a follower of my blog, an active blogger yourself and can commit to the finishing and posting . Sorry to my overseas friends but I need to keep postage to a minimum.
So who'd like to join me?
Friends who have joined me


DAWNIE said...

I cant believe I am tempted - will send you an email in a moment

Kris said...

I think I am interested if you'll have me!

Elyte said...

Unfortunately the timing is bad for me now. Maybe next time. I would enjoy working with you again.

AnnieB said...

can't join in but wanted to say a big HI...and an "I love your new profile picture - you look fab!" XX

Bec Clarke said...

I think I would like to join in. I will e-mail you and see if you already have 3

wonderwoman said...

damn!!! wish i lived nearer!!!!