Sunday, 19 July 2009

A weekend in July

It's been a lovely weekend in Hobart, sun shining during the day but a chill in the air. Friday night and Saturday we did the usual taking DS to his weekend sports, basketball and soccer plus he had a trip to the movies with his classmate who also sleptover.
Lastnight DH and I had a lovely evening out with friends at a new restaurant, food was delicious but it was far too noisy. After the meal we retreated to the wine bar and sat in front of the woodheater, so much more peaceful and very relaxing. We left the two boys at home, eating hotdogs and playing computer games, they're pretty good for 12 year olds and we were only 5 minutes down the road.
Now it's Sunday, I got up late, did a little ironing, read the paper, had soup for lunch and in between all that I finished off the Needlecase from Rosalie's Welcome Friends pattern.
I also whipped up a button bracelet just for fun. These are so easy, 6 inches of 6mm elastic and then sew on the buttons.

It still needs a bit of tweaking and I think I might overlap the buttons a bit more.

Next I'm going to jump into Photoshop and play around with some of the things I've learnt from the Jessica Sprague Free online classes, the tutorials are so easy to follow!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend too!


DAWNIE said...

Another gorgesous two projects Jo. They both look great.

Jan said...

What a rewarding weekend, Jo. Lots to show for it, unlike me, who has been slobbing around reading (and loving it). Sunshine and cold wind here today in Ballarat; a little warmer in Bendigo where we went to catch up with friends from Tassie who were over for the big sheep show (and boy, some of those sheep were VERY big!) Have a great week

Jodie said...

What a great weekend, family , friends and craft - sounds perfect !

wonderwoman said...

love your button bracelet Jo, not quite as lovely as the necklace you sent me!!!!! i always get comments, nice ones, when i wear it.
sounds like a perfect evening out!


Sew Useful Designs said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend, Jo! :-) Glad you had a fun time! I love your bracelet - very groovy!

Hugs! Vikki xx

Isabella said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend and a productive one too.

Stina said...

Love the needlecase... and the button bracelet are gorgeous... :o)

Maree said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me...very relaxing...cute bangle..

Anonymous said...

What a great weekend you had and the needlekeeper and the brachlet are great.

sewkalico said...

Love your needlecase - still haven't finished mine. The bracelet looks very cool!!!

NoƩmia said...

What a lovely weekend!:)

Sarah said...

The needle book looks great Jo - I look forward to seeing the bucket to match!
Lovely bracelet too
x Sarah