Monday, 27 July 2009

Teddy Bears Picnic + Giveaway!

Bloghop over to Helen's if you'd like to see what we did yesterday!

Mine has a bow on her head now, any suggestions for a name?

( The pattern is by Bears by Annie )


Kate's having a gorgeous giveaway, better be quick though it closes on the 31st July!


Sew Useful Designs said...

Oh Wow! Your teddy is divine - I love the fabric! Of course, with my little one named Rosie and her pet name being Rosebud... that always springs to mind immediately! But maybe too cliche?
She is candyfloss pink so I also think of Flossie. Oh gosh... I'm not in the slightest bit original am I? How about Sebastian Gertrude Ebineezer the Third? Is that original?!!!

Hugs! Vikki xx

he he he... you know what my word verification is????? "Icing" no kidding!!!!

zigzago said...

What a beauty! A name? ... what about Pinky? Have a nice week, Renata.

Anonymous said...

did you redo your nose? if not it looks fine...H

Marita said...

How about Flossie, love the fascinator!

sewkalico said...

Too cute! I immediately thought Pinky and see the previous commenter did too :-)

Stina said...

OHHHH.. she is a sweetie pie!!!!
GORGEOUS!!! I want one too!!! :o))

creativity amongst chaos said...

Name...I vote for CC(Cotton Candy) because she looks good enough to eat! Nice to see you on my side bar! Thanks for the welcome!

creativity amongst chaos said...

Name..I vote for CC(Cotton Candy) because she looks good enough to eat! What a lovely thing to make. Nice to see you on my side bar! thanks for stopping by,
Happy Stitching -Cori

wonderwoman said...

aah - she is soo cute and pink - Rosy comes straight to mind - or maybe Petal!


Robyn said...

Oh my...she is so beautiful!!!
I'd have to call here Rose or Rosie too, or something pink or flowery..
Just gorgeous Jo... I might 'need' to make one of her too :p

..I read further down on the comments.. hee hee
seems we all think alike.. I do love the idea of Fairy Floss
Good luck!!

Robyn said...

'flossy or blossy'
Ok I'm finished now...giggle

Kathy said...

Hi Jo!! (yes, I still exist - lol)
Your little bear is gorgeous! My first thought for her name was Flora. Then, Cerise. SO maybe 'Flora Cerise'. Named or not, she's beautiful. Kathy xx