Friday, 11 December 2009

Advent Swap - 11th December

Day 11 and Maree gave me a beautiful scissor keeper and some scissors. It's a  great pocket for protecting my scissors! Thanks Maree.

Last night my son's school had their Primary Showcase, it was a wonderful event, lots of fabulous performances. The Grade 3 class was a standout performing "The Grade 3 Blues".
There was lots of clapping when my son's Year 6 group performed to a Kiss song, they looked fabulous in their costumes!

My son was the drummer (on the right).
They've only got 4 more days of primary school and next year he'll be heading to high school. They grow up far too quickly :-(


Isabella said...

Cant say he looks like the son I met yet I thought you only had that one good looking one LOL

Ha-wear said...

That scissor holder is gorgeous! What a nice present!

ange_moore said...

Love those costumes!! And you've been very lucky with your advent swap.

Wendy B said...

you're right Jo...they DO grow up too son's just finished grade 10 and it only seemed like yesterday he started high school and pre-school only the day before!!! Where does the time go??
Love your advent gifts too btw!
XX :O)

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi there Jo!!!

I've been catching up on your posts and you've recieved some beautiful advent gifts!!!

Also - your son looks ACE in that Kiss gear!!! My son goes to High School next year too... I actually felt quite sad! Silly isn't it?!!

Lots of love darling girl!
Vikki xoxo