Saturday, 11 October 2008


Are other stitchers as obsessed as I am at the moment with pincushions? I just can't get enough of them, inspired by the beautiful one on Daisy Quilts, I just had to make one. You can find the tutorial on here by Heather Bailey.

I used Robyn's method of using 4 charm squares....with 2 cut in half for the sides but I used 3" squares, what a quick and easy pincushion to whip up.
I also signed up for Quilt Fabric Delights Pincushion of the Month, I haven't done the first one yet but I've almost finished the second one by Crab-apple Hill. I hope to post about it tomorrow!
Lynette Anderson has also announced 2 new patterns with two pincushions in each, might just have to get them for myself.
Wonder when this obsession will end and a new one takes it's place?


Kerri said...

Very cute. I want one now. A lovely little gift.

Julie said...

That really is cute! What a great idea to do it with charm squares. I am drooling over those Lynette Anderson patterns too.

wonderwoman said...

that is a lovely pincushion - i may have to have a go!!


Stina said...

Love it.. pincushions is sooo fun to make... :o)

Anonymous said...

this is gorgeous so sweet, pincushions are addictive for some reason aren't they!

Carin said...

great pin cushion I need to NOT get obsessed with anything else!

Robyn said...

Ha ha Jo, isn't this so funny!!
I wish we could line all of these pincushions up in a row :o)
I love it when different people make the same 'thing'...they always turn out so differently, but sooo the same...I really love that in our Quilting group too.
Yours looks wonderful!! I'm glad you tried it and I'm also glad you found my method useful...I've been amking more...looky!! :P
Rob xx

sewkalico said...

Well I am obsessed with roses so I think your pincushion is GORGeous!