Sunday, 19 October 2008

Baby Shower

I'm absent from blogger for a few days and people have been wondering if I'm okay, well I'm still here and just had a busy weekend. DS was playing in the Tasmanian Southern Schools Basketball Championships and I also had to co-host a baby shower for a dear friend.

The basketball was great, his team made it to the second round before being knocked out but they put in alot of effort and had lots of fun.
My friend and I have been planning this baby shower for weeks, we had lots of food...
lots of games and gifts from friends....Everone wore these little name tags I made

and received a little gift at the end, a cute cup and saucer filled with Lindt Chocolates!

This was the gift I made my friendIt's from a Homespun Magazine, if anyone wants to know which issue, email me and I'll get the details for you

I filled it with some goodies and she loved it! I'd worked on this from the day she first told me they were trying to conceive and I knew it wouldn't take her long, I wonder what she'll have....a boy or girl? I know she'll make a wonderful mother!!

Ooh and look at the lovely gift she gave us for organising the baby shower, beautiful cream and soap from The Body Shop

So now my busy weekend is over, back to work tomorrow and I'm going to get on my bike and ride there. Wednesday last week was Ride To Work Day in Australia and I did that just, I used to ride to work all the time when I worked in the city, it was a great ride thatfollws the Derwent River, very picturesque. The ride I take now is only 10 minutes, not very scenic but good for me and good for the environment! Hopefully it doesn't rain!


Isabella said...

Can you do a baby shower for me ??
I'll get a new fish for the tank or another puppy lol

julia said...

Hi Jo,
the baby shower must have been great - love the little name tags you made and of course he beautiful bag!
I'll ride my bike tomorrow, always ;o) {haven't got a car, but as I live in a big city it's O.K. most of the time...} - I hope it's not fingers are crossed for both of us.
Hugs, Julia

wonderwoman said...

wow you certainly did your friend proud - it all looks sooo great!
hope the bike ride goes well and it doesn't rain!


oooh - can you lot me know which homespun? cheers!


Kerri said...

Jo, You are a wonderful friend to put on a baby shower and a gorgeous bag as a gift. She will treasure it I'm sure. You had so much food.
The body shop is my favorite shop. What a lovely gift to receive and you deserve it.
Hope DS had a wonderful day with his basketball. My DD start her first game ever on Wednesday night and she cant wait.
Have a great week riding your bike. I use to ride my bike everywhere when I lived in town. Bit harder now but I miss it. Have a ride for me

On my Verandah.. said...

Jo You & Your Friend did a Wonderful Job on the Baby all looked Beautiful & Your Bag is Gorgeous too.

Roseanne said...

Yes you can do a baby shower for me to .But I have no baby we can have one for my dog she is my baby LOL.It look like every one had a good day and went away with presents .I love the name tags. The food looks good to .

Catherine said...

Hi Jo,
Enjoy your ride tomorrow, I will hope it doesnt for you!! I have started walking in the mornings again and it does make you feel better! Nice shower piccies and the bag is too cute!! Cathy

DAWNIE said...

My goodness Jo, you are one of a kind - where do you find the time, and you do such a great job.Such an inspiration to all. Good on you with the bike - I have been walking home from work for the past week - has been a pleasant change.

Kris said...

I hope it doesn't rain!

Jules said...

i love that bag Jo. What issue was it in? You did a lovely job on the baby shower. I am hanging out to play with a baby again but all my friends and myself are finished populating. Will have to be patient and wait for grandchildren in about


Carin said...

well congrats to your hubby ane his team, Your shower looks absolutly wonderful!

Helena said...

Everything look great, but please tell me...What is a Baby Shower?

Christine said...

Cute bag. I can see why your friend was impressed.