Sunday, 5 August 2012

More pressies

I've enjoyed a lovely week away from work although feeling sick wasn't pleasant and the GP is still unsure what is troubling me, blood tests reveal nothing so next step is an ultrasound. I did receive lovely birthday pressies which reminded me of how lucky I am to have such beautiful friends.

Firstly there's my BFF from high school days, Valerie's never far from my thoughts, we'll always be closes even though Bass Strait separates us. Valerie sent me this lovely package and handmade card and tag
inside was a layer cake, the fabrics are gorgeous
Thank-you Valerie xxx

The second pressie is from my Mum, she's off travelling around in her campervan in Queensland, escaping Tassie for the winter. Mum knitted me some scrappy socks, made from left over wool from earlier socks she has knitted me...I love my knitted socks!
and she knitted the most gorgeous delicate scarf
 think she said it is mohair/alpaca, thanks Mum xxx

The third pressie is from my talented friend Helen, she made these buttons just for me

I'm very lucky because Helen is always busy stitching for her business Hugs 'n Kisses so I feel very honoured to have a Helen original. If you're a Facebook friend of Hugs 'n Kisses Helen made up a few of these as kits for purchasel.
Helen also gave me one of her "Life is Beautiful" panels, these are so cute
and a gorgeous pattern, don't you love the packaging!
Helen is also a keen zentangler and made me a lovely card
 Thank-you Helen!

Now I can't leave my boys out, they bought me a GHD hairdryer, well really I bought it, my old cheapo hairdryer died ages ago and I decided I needed to replace it with a quality one.

I also received a pair of earrings from my son, purchased from his own hard earned cash from washing glasses. I'm wearing them and haven't got a pic to show you just yet, they're very pretty and very me.

So thank-you to everyone who sent birthday messages, you're all so lovely!
Anyway it's back to work for me tomorrow, wonder how many things have been thrown in my in tray?


Vickie said...

wowsers Jo what a beuatiful post full of gorgeous eye candy..wonderfull birthday pressies indeedy, cheers Vickie

Leanne said...

You got some lovely pressies Jo. Have a great week.

Kylie said...

Sorry to hear that you are unwell - hope you are feeling better soon. Great birthday gifts. xxx

Anonymous said...

hope they find out what is wrong with you Jo and happy birthday and what lovely presents you received,take care.xx

Kathy said...

Happy birthday Jo- what lovely presents to cheers you up when you were unwell :) I spotted Helen's buttons the other day, I hope you find the perfect project in which to use them.
How is the course going?

Chookyblue...... said...

what a wonderful bunch of presents you got...........hope your all better now..........take care....

Deb R said...

Happy Birthday Jo!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pressies JO xx