Tuesday, 11 January 2011

1974 revisited

My beloved Queensland, or otherwise known to true blue Queenslanders as God's Country is copping an absolute drenching. I feel helpless so far away in Tasmania (second only to God's Country).
My family and friends stretch far and wide across the state and thankfully none are right in the heart of the flooding but extremely close or cut off by it.
I remember the 1974 flood and paddling around in the water aged five and I can't believe it's going to exceed that. Latest predictions are that 6500 homes will be inundated in Brisbane...Yikes! I'm following the news closely and pray that no further lives are lost.
Stay safe my fellow Queenslanders!

Ways in which we can help
 Toni from Make it Perfect in hosting the Queensland Flood Appeal Auctions

So spread the word by adding the banner to your blog, or facebook page and get ready to bid on the auctions which will go live on Monday the 24th of January 2011.

The Gum Tree Designer Girls are requesting sewing kits go here for more details.


Robyn G. said...

It's just horrible isn't it Jo?
So very sad.
I do hope your family stay safe and sound.
My sister and her family are in Toowoomba... they are fine for now thankfully.

Thanks for letting us know about the auction...this is a very good thing!!

Kris said...

I had my tenth birthday during the 74 floods and we forgot about it until a couple of days later. Nobody was thinking about the date etc, we were all busy with the floods! Most amazing to me were the homes which had been completely underwater. The walls bulged (with mud) and everything stank big time. Floods are horrific, but the cleanup afterwards is just as bad.

Pauline said...

oh Jo, its just devastating, makes one feel quite sick..so sad..have my banner up and ready to go...hope we can raise heaps..

Isabella said...

Just got word 1/2 hr ago that my son and his family are OK but cut off in Toowoomba

Trash said...

Jo, it really is so hard to be far away from those you love in times of crisis. I empathise.

All we can do is hope our loved ones stay safe and spread the word about donating money and fundraisers.

mandapanda said...

Thankyou Jo!! Big hugs!!

Joy said...

Jo it's just beyond belief what's happening up here. I remember '74 floods too, they were pretty awful. Like you, I'm praying there's no more lives lost.
Toni is fabulous to be doing what she's doing so that we can all get behind her and help :o).
Joy :o)

wonderwoman said...

Thanks for the heads up on the auction - such a horrific time for all involved.