Thursday, 21 January 2010

A Thank-you and choosing how to help the Haitians

The lovely Peg sent me a gift for co-hosting the Xmas Advent Swap, it's gorgeous. Thank-you Peg, even though Xmas is over I'm going to leave it hanging for awhile so I can enjoy it.

The stitchery is from Gail Pan's blog, one I had saved to do but now I don't have to!

This week I've put together a block for another Snugglybug Quilt, I'm waiting for the remainder to arrive so I can assemble the quilt top and then forward it on for quilting.

I enjoy doing these as I know they are going to children at our local hospital. I pray that they get through whatever illness they have and lead happy, healthy lives.
There's so many charities out there we can support but the big fundraising drive at the moment of course is for the Haitians. There are many ways we can all contribute, Craft Hope and other Etsy sellersonline auctions and monetary contributions. I'm still yet to do my bit and just now I'm just trying to decide which charity to support and who'll use my money the best way to help.
How do you like to contribute?


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Jo you are so I said just a little something to say thanks it was an awesome your block the colours are so soft..

Jossie said...

It feels so good to do something for a good cause. We worked with a group of quilters for charity last Saturday and had almost 20 quilts finished.

wonderwoman said...

am like you, just making up my mind which charity to send a donation to as there are so many. it all seems to be taking so much time but i'm sure there are reasons why.


Cath Ü said...

That is a lovely quilt block... I am new to patchwork.. but that one really appeals to me... thanks for sharing
Cath Ü