Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it's off to work I go!

Well my holiday is over and it's back to the old grindstone. It seems nothing has change, no fairy has come in and finished off all those uncompleted tasks from 2009. Ah well at least I still have a job.

My time off was great, I got in heaps of relaxation and a bit of sewing too. We went camping and fossicking, celebrated DS's 13th birthday and enjoyed plenty of time together as a family.

I've already got 3 finishes for January, Rosalie Quinlan's gorgeous Bucket Bag and needlecase

Marg Lowe's  Beautiful Christmas Stocking

and another Rosalie Quinlan project, Nellie's Bag

I enjoyed making all of these!

The advent swap is complete and was successful for some with only a couple who were dissappointed. It's a shame when people sign up for swaps and then don't complete them, it's so disheartening.

Anyway my resolutions for 2010 include no swaps, oh apart from the FQ Birthday swap I signed up for but that doesn't involve hours of work. 2010 is going to be all about me and finishing off projects that I've started like An Angel's Story, The Quilt Aid quilt, Gardener's Journal and various other quilts in different stages of construction. I'm going to endeavour to reply to all emails and blog regularly and try and keep up with all those blogs I follow.

I hope 2010 is a great year for you all!



Kerri said...

You and me both. I want to finish off the Gardeners Journal this year(Month would be good) and blog more. Also get more productive too. Starting out not to bad.

Catherine said...

Your resolutions sound like mine, except Im not brave enough to write mine down cause I know I wont manage it! lol Love your completed projects....the bucket looks great!!

kathyros said...

It should be more about what you like to get done Jo. I am not a big fan of swaps or RBRows etc. People rarely put the equivalnet amount of effort in; and if you are like me you have SOOOO many things waiting to get attention that you will have plenty to do all year. LOL!

kathyros said...

If you are anything like me Jo you will have plenty to keep you busy all year without partaking in swaps etc. I love your bucket bag, v. cute.

Amanda said...

What lovely things you've made, the bag and bucket look really useful as well as pretty. I'm planning to finish An Angel's Story quilt too this year. How far have you got? Best wishes for your return to work - I don't envy you!

teresa said...

Love all your finishes Jo... well done. Very inspirational. I hope to get some UFOs finished this year and not take on too much also. I don't need the stress :)

Cubby House Crafts said...

Love your projects you've completed, I have Rosalies bucket and needlecase on my 'to do' list for this year (along with many others)

DAWNIE said...

I am amazed how many bloggers have simliar thoughts with trying to catch up with their sewing stashes. I think the blogging world over the past 18 months has taken some serious sewing time, but it has been wonderful to meet to many great people out there. It's very hard to do both, but it's also hard not to be addicted.

Stina said...

Good luck with back to reality.... :o)
I just did the same... sigh!!!!
Love new projects made and I want to wish you a very very creative and Happy 2010!!

wonderwoman said...

i love your bag its just gorgeous and a great shape - will have to try and find that pattern. have not made any resolutions as i never seem to keep them!!!


Micki said...

I love what you made, and I wish you luck with your resolutions! Happy New Year and a great 2010!

Hannele said...

Wonderful finishes all three, I love especially the Bucket Bag =)

sewkalico said...

Wow! Wonderful finishes!

Thanks for the advent swap - I may not have shown all the gifts (especially the ones I ate LOL), but I was certainly not disappointed!!

Lorraine said...

Hi Jo...have been reading your blog for a while - found it thru links for the advent swap - speaking of swaps I am with you on 2010 being the year of no swaps - I enjoyed doing them (for the most part) but have found they take up loads of time ...so thought I would "sign up in spirit" this year and spend the time stitching for myself....and I have a big "to do" list....but first I have to go on holiday to Tassie!!