Friday, 20 November 2009

Pot of Gold

There really is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, well rainbow swap that is! This week I received a gorgeous package in the mail from my Rainbow Swap partner, hosted by Trash Can

The parcel was from Kate at Kate's Quilting (& other Fibre Arts) Blog and it was full of some yummy goodies

The chocolate didn't last more than 5 minutes after the photo shoot, devoured by my son and hubby and a wee bit by me. The candle has a sweet Vanilla scent and the lemon bath bomb is living in a drawer now giving everything a fresh smell. The mini quilt is so bright and cheerful and I think it'll make it to my office to brighten the dull walls up.

Thank-you so much Kate for all the work you've put into this swap, it is greatly appreciated and will be cherished forever! My parcel hasn't reached it's destination yet but it should be almost there. I forgot to take a photo of the goodies I sent so stay posted and as soon as there's a post about it I 'll direct you to my partner's blog.

PS Thank-you to Trashy for inviting me to join this swap and being a good first time swap mumma, everyone's gotta start somewhere!


trashalou said...

*blush* you're just saying that.

Loads of luvverly loot there Jo, you lucky thing.

Shiree said...

Hi Jo, certainly looks like you struck some gold at the end of that rainbow swap. And looks like you had a lot of fun last week! Have fun

teresa said...

oooooh nice gooodies... love the colours in the mini quilt. Lucky you Jo - looking forward to seeing what you made. Please send me some cooler air.. I am melting..... xx

wonderwoman said...

what lovely goodies - it was such a fun swap - way to go trashy!!!


Anonymous said...

OOH your swap goodies look great!!

Sew Useful Designs said...

What beautiful treasures Jo! Swaps are so much fun aren't they?!!!

Hugs! Vikki xoxo

Robyn said...

What a gorgeous bundle of goodies!!
I bet you had a cheery day Jo after receiving such a Happy parcel.

katelnorth said...

Glad you took a photo of it - apparently all I remembered to photograph was the mini quilt - my brain is like a seive these days :)

Happy swapping!

flossyblossy said...

It came came today...lalala!
Thank you for the lovely goodies!! Everything is so unique tht i can't wait to start using it all - although i may just have to leave it on the coffee table and stare at it all just a little bit longer yet. Also can't wait to pile into the choccy. I was scrutinising the wrapper to try and figure out what it is and as it's bedtime now i just had a tiny little nibble......Mmmmmmmmmmmm.
Thanks again and i'll post about it when i have some time later this week. B x