Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Quilt Aid 2009

Woo Hoo! Quilt Aid 2009 kicks off today. Checkout the Quilt Aid website for stockists and also pics of the finishing kits and there's also a couple more pics on Helen's website.
I've ordered my first block and I'm still deciding on which finishing kit I'll do. I hope you're joining in , it's for a worthy cause and you'll end up with a gorgeous quilt!

A big thank-you to Helen for all the work she has done it getting this altogether, it's been a big job co-ordinating all the designers and shops and also thank-you to the shops for coming up with the finishing quilts.


Catherine said...

Thanks for the thumbs up Jo...have my contract ready to which block did you purchase first?? Cathy
PS I love the Crow girls finished quilt the best at the moment!!

wonderwoman said...

sounds like fun - will pop over now and have a look.


clare's craftroom said...

The vibes helped ! Congratulation to the new family .

DAWNIE said...

Hi Jo, I have been reading the fine print of this Quilt Aid tonight after reading Helens mail and it seems that is going to be w worthy cause. I hadnt really paid much attention until now - looks good am contemplating it!!!