Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Have I told you I love surprises!!

I was very lucky to win a prize from Razzy's Special Place and it arrived yesterday. To enter all I had to do was pick out which quilt Roseanne liked the best out of a group of quilts she had photographed from a recent show. Well I couldn't go past No. 11 Bronwyn Hayes, I love the combination of stitcheries with blocks. Roseanne's lovely husband then picked my name out of those who'd chosen the same quilt. Look at all the goodies Roseanne's packaged up, fabric, patterns, cute scissors, thread and seam ripper, it's all gorgeous.

Thank-you so much Roseanne for hosting such a beautiful giveaway and to your lovely hubby for picking out my name. I'll have lots of fun with these goodies!


Kerri said...

Lucky duck.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Jo - those prizes look absolutely fab! Have fun with them!

Hugs! Vikki xx

Maree said...

What a Gorgeous Win...it all looks Great.

Stina said...

Love your prize.. its really really wonderful... Lucky You!!! :o)))

DAWNIE said...

wow lucky you. The prizes look just great. Is always tops to win something.