Friday, 8 May 2009

My Favourite Sewing gear..

Lynette Anderson asks the question "What is your favourite sewing gear?" well these are mine.

My needle case, although I sewed it wrong way round, I still use it, I love my little hand painted teddy bear. Then there's the little green scissors that Trashy gave me with my little teddy scissor fob I made along time ago, a brown millenium pen for marking up stitcheries, glue pen and a quick un-pick for the billions of mistakes I make, fancy pins, DMC threads and a hoop plus ric-rac, I seem to use it alot these days! Ooh and of course my new glossy white light box that DH made.

Now I can't forget to mention all my magazines, when I'm not stitching or need some inspiration I pull them out one by one and look through them all over again. I love Homespun and Country Threads and ocassionally I'll by a Handmade or Quilter's Companion. This photo only shows some of them!!

I can't bear to part with them!!

So show us your favourite sewing gear!!


Maree said...

I know what you mean about parting with your mags...I have Every Homespun since NO:1...I only buy that & Quilter's Companion now...there are too many to choose these days...

trashalou said...

Oh! I recognise those scissors!!!! loving your magazine stash ;-)

Linda said...

That's a very impressive magazine colletion you have there Jo. I'd love to see the light box your hubby made for you.

wonderwoman said...

i love homespun too - such great ideas and brilliant patterns! but mine are not that tidy!!! they are all in a heap!


Lulu said...

Yes, I can't part with my magazines either, especially now that I hardly ever buy any. mine are stacked in a spare wardrobe.

julia said...

Hi Sis,
thanks for sharing your favourite sewing gear...oh, I love your magazine shelf...I'm so lucky to have a subscription for Homespun and I will definitely never part with these mags if I don't have to ;o).
Some of the items you picked would be my choice, too. The scissor is beautiful wit the little scissor fob.
Hugs, Julia