Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Goodies and Volunteering

Here's the goodies I bought at the Quilted Crow's Autumn Gathering, some gorgeous wool felt and xmassy looking fabric to use on my Gail Pan BOM. I also won the pink fabrics and large pink ric-rac!! The striped tea towel is yet to be appliqued with cup cakes. It's all sitting on my brand new light box that DH made me, isn't he just the greatest!
On the day I worked on Helen's Colorque project " A Doily for Diedre", it was so relaxing colouring it in, it just needs a bit of stitching now, not sure yet how I'll finish it off.
This Sunday is Mother's Day here in Oz and this year I've volunteered at The Mother's Day Classic in Hobart. These events are held across Australia and I was amazed to hear that over 1500 people have already registered for the event in Hobart. They're hoping for 2500 on the day. I think I'm going to be very busy. So if you're looking to go for a walk or run on Sunday morning head off to the event in your state and help raise money for Breast Cancer Research!!
Online registrations are closed but you can register on the day!!


Kerri said...

Nice lot of goodies. Is there a pink thing in mind?? Your light box looks very good. You will get a lot of use out of that.
The colorque looks interesting. What do you colour it with and how do you seal it???? I like the colours you have chosen.
Have a great mothers day. Looks like you will be very busy. You are so good volunteering for the day, but its for a good cause. Well done

Isabella said...

Lovely work on the doily Jo

Annie said...

Lovely goodies - have fun on Mothers Day.

Dzintra Ingrid said...

Nice goodies Jo and that tea towel will be so lovely...along with that gorgeous doily!!!

Roseanne said...

Look like you all had a good time down at Campania. All your goodies look lovely. I just loved the cup cake tea towels that you all got.

Sandi said...

Great new light-box Jo. (my hubby made one for me too).
Lots of great goodies from the gathering, those projects will keep you busy :)
Have a great run/walk on sunday. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's day too.