Monday, 27 April 2009

To Do List

Here's a bit of fun "Catalogue Cards", I thought I'd use them to create to do lists, maybe one per month Do you want to make them to? If so, visit here
Thanks to A Little Bird Told Me for the link!


wonderwoman said...

great idea - but i think mine might need to be twice as big as my to do list gets bigger each week with not that many getting finished!!!


Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Jo!

I LOVE to-do lists, in fact I love them so much (eek, should I be admitting this?!!) that if I have done any additional jobs that weren't on my original list, I write them on and then cross them off!!! Does anybody else do that? It just makes me feel satisfied that I can visualise what I've been up to!!!

Happy to-do-listing!
Vikki x

Christina Lowry said...

The cards are great aren't they?

Thanks for mentioning my blog. :)

julia said...

Hi Jo,
heehee, I'm also a list girl...but I always loose them and forget that I already wrote a some weeks later I when I find them again I can check how good my memory still is comparing about 3 to 5 lists ;o). It's a great idea to share the list on your blog...maybe I should borrow your idea ;o).
Hugs, Julia