Thursday, 23 April 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I'm going to be busy over the next couple of months, I've signed up for two swaps!! At least they're due at different times, I'm sure I'll manage.
I was bloghopping about and came across an Annie Swap, now I've always loved Annie dolls so I could not resist, it sounds like so much fun. The other thing I love is Xmas and well having it in July sounds fabulous to me so I accepted Linda's invite and joined her's and Stephanie's Xmas in July swap.
The Xmas in July Swap is invite only, however if you're interested in the Annie Swap it's open until the end of April so click on the link on the right and visit Marcel! There's currently an Annie swap on at the moment and the dolls being produced are just gorgeous! Go on, you know you want to!!


Robyn said...

You go girl!!

wonderwoman said...

goodness Jo i don't know how you do it - do you ever sleep?!! will have a look at the annie swap but not sure my stitching would be up to scratch!!!


Margaret said...

I am sending out me first swap tomorrow - Maree's red cushion swap. The enjoyment I got from maiking the cushion was good. I am sure you will too.