Thursday, 13 November 2008

Firsts plus some more

I'm going to post a few photos here.

First up I'll show you my firsts, my first teddy and my first quilt, wallhanging actually.
I worked with a girl in Brisbane who was a mad teddy bear maker, Yvonne and she was the one who really started off my love of craft. I told her I wanted to make a minature bear and it had to be blue, I think she thought I was insane tackling such a difficult project. I did and here's the result, not perfect but I still love it. I've taken the photo next to my mug just so you can see how little it is.
The wallhanging is from a magazine and I made it in 2002, no idea which magazine or who designed it. I'm much better at keeping the details these days.

Mum taught me how to use a rotary cutter, told me why I had to sew a 1/4 inch seam and how to do applique. It was from this I was totally hooked.

I made a few more teddies, like Hamish who I've posted about previously, Marnie who I made and sadly finished just after my grandmother (Marnie) passed away

and Ted, who I think is pretty handsome

I'm also a scrapbooker and this year I joined a "Book of Me" class just so I could do some girly layouts, here's a few, they're just a bit of fun. They're all on 8 x 8 pages.

And this week I've been doing this

it's an online class by Jessica Sprague. I've made the journal and now I hope to learn a bit about how to best write my life stories and put some down on paper!

What were the first things you made?


trashalou said...


Roseanne said...

so love your teddy bears. I have a bit of a collection of teddy my self .I have only ever made one witch I sent away in a swap.

julia said...

Hi Jo -
well done (includes everything you've shown ;o) )!
Oh, I am way behind the 'Stories...' class - I had some problems finding the right materials here & as I haven't got a inkjet printer that will have to wait until I invade my parents ;o). Fortunately, the materials&informations are still accessible after the class ends...
Hugs, Julia

Linda said...

Well aren't you the woman of many talents? I adore your teddies, just too cute and those scrap pages are gorgeous.

Ann J said...

All beautiful as usual, Jo, but must admit Ted has stolen my heart !!.......Luv AJ

Marita said...

I love the little blue Ted. Fantastic result for a first try. Never tried to make teddy bears because they look too tricky. My first quilt (about eight years ago) is very wonky when I look at it now, but I still like it.

Stina said...

Your sure are a crafty lady... :o)
Love your teddies...!!!
Will try out scrapping this weekend... DH is turning 50... ;o)

wonderwoman said...

i just love your teds, they are sooo cute!! the first quilt i made was for my daughter - who, even tho she is a lot older now, still snuggles under it when she's cold or poorly. ahhh.


Amanda said...

I just love your teddies. I have a bit of a collection of teddies myself, though I've never been brave enough to try and make one. I've done a bit of scrapbooking, and I'm doing the Stories in Hand class, though I'm changing it a bit as I go along. I've been sewing forever, so can't remember the first thing I made - an apron at school I think!

Jodie said...

I tried to make a shirt with tuxedo tails when I was about 13. I used newspaper to make a pattern and sewed it up - It was atrocious (pale yellow) but I wore it proudly.

Chookyblue...... said...

we all have to start somewhere and your blue bear is very cute........

Robyn said...

Jo...your Teddies are adorable, especially your tiny blue one :o)
Love the scarecrow hanging...I remember that pattern myself :o)
Gorgeous everything.
I'm very interested in your last item, your journal.
All beautiful work...a real credit to you and your wonderful talents!
Robyn xx

Isabella said...

Well who's a busy girl then I just love your Grandmothers teddie I have done lots of teddies but could never get the faces just right didn't have expresions LOL

DAWNIE said...

Oh yes, of course why did I think for a minute that you wouldnt be into teddies!!! Just sooo cute!!
I also have a little fella about the same size in a honey colour - they are just great and one can never have too many, well may be a few too many!! Your blog is always so great to read.