Wednesday, 2 April 2008


I was tagged by Jo so I have to tell you 7 random/weird/unusual things about me........

  1. Like Jo I pull strange faces when I'm concentrating, and always with a frown.
  2. I have ugly toes
  3. I have to have a cup of tea as soon as I get up in the morning
  4. I get sympathy morning sickness for my close friends
  5. I have a phobia of big bridges, won't drive over them but fine as a passenger
  6. I love watching bumble bees
  7. I love beetroot sandwiches, has to be fresh white bread, butter and cold beetroot

So that's what's "abnormal" about me, so if Carin, May Britt, Lynette, Helen , AnnieB & Sarah would like to play I'll tag you.


Carin said...

I doubt you have ugly toes LOL!
are beetroots the same as beets? Is it a launguage barrier thing ;O)

AnnieB said...

that sympathy morning sickness thing is hilarious - poor you! I have tagged you too, for the 4 things meme...