Friday, 26 November 2010

It's time

Time for quilting bloggers to rally behind another tragedy and do what we do best, create!

29 miners lost their lives doing their job and left behind family and friends. As a wife of an ex-miner who put himself at risk each day he went underground it breaks my heart that these partners, husbands, fathers, sons and brothers will not be walking through their front doors again. Such a devastating loss. We all expect workplaces to be safe and our loved ones to come home each day.

Shirley from Dyeing2Design has sent a call out to show our support for those affected by this tragedy, can you help? Click on this link for all the details.


Holli said...

Thanks for the link. So horribly sad.

Isabella said...

Thanks for the link Jo will do some and tell the baptist group up here

suz said...

As I followed this story on the NY Times I kept hoping this was another Chile... it's so sad.

Lib said...

Thanks for the link Jo. My daughter is a coal miner as well so I have been feeling pretty sad for the families in NZ. Will get sewing!