Sunday, 18 April 2010

A Birthday Wish and a bargain buy

Firstly I want to say a Big Happy "Twenty-Twenty" Birthday to my dear friend Fee! It was Fee's birthday on Friday and her party was last night.
Fee and I met through blogging and we've become good friends, definitely stitching soul sisters!!

Love ya Fee!

I live on a street in Tasmania surrounded by elderly and sadly we've had a few farewells over the last year. The most recent the gentlemen passed away and he was the carer for his wife who had advanced dementia at 94, she is now in a nursing home and their son has been looking after the estate and he held a garage sale yesterday. I popped in to say hello and to see what his plans are for the house, I'm so pleased he and his wife are moving in and it isn't becoming a rental.
I picked up a few vintage bargains all for $10.
a suitcase for $2
vintage sheets for $4
Bag of zips $1
Plate for $2
and I said to keep to change as I felt like I had been very lucky.
Anyway I'm doing a bit of stitching this weekend for Helen, I'll show you a sneak peak a bit later when I've done a bit more.
Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!


Roseanne said...

Look like you had a good time out with the birthday girl. You got some nice bargains there with that old suit case and other bits and pieces.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Jo...hope you had a great time celebrating last night with Fee...I was too as it was my birthday then...going over to wish her a great one...Dzintra♥x
Cool bargains you got there

Maree: said...

Lovely photo of you & Fiona..hope it was a Good Night..Wow.! what a Bargain you the suitcase..Well Done!

Fiona said...

It was such a lovely night - Thanks for sharing it with me - Love you too sweetie - And yes I had more of a head ache today than usual - LOL XXXX

Jenny of Elefantz said...

You lucky gal, to celebrate with Fee on her birthday!! You both look VERY happy...not sure if the wine has anything to do with those cheeky smiles? ;-)

Elyte said...

Hey you two party girls - looks like you had a lovely time. How is the head today? Glad that you could help your neighbour out with mutual benefit.

Kris said...

Hi Jo! Looks like you have been having fun. Nice to have new neighbours too!

Sue-Anne said...

Isn't that fantastic that you met through blogging and are now celebrating birthdays together!

Kerri said...

Any excuse to have a party. Looks like you had a great night. Its great to find great friends in blog land and have a great bond.

Great looking bargains. Love the suit case

Susan In Texas said...

Nice haul, especially the bag of zippers. 8) I know what you mean about being surrounded by the elderly. Where my husband & I first lived in Lake Worth, I was told there were 7 elderly widows within two blocks of our house! I don't remember any funerals, though, they must have been tough old birds!

Happy stitching,

ange_moore said...

Wow Jo - great finds, and you know the history of them (which I think makes them even more special). You will remember your elderly neighbours every time you use that case!

Cath Ü said...

Happy birthday Fee....

Love the little suitcase.. I have a collection of old suitcases as well.. love them....

Cath's Blog

Cath Ü

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi there Jo!

First of all - that is such a gorgeous pic of you and Fee! Looks like you had a great night!

As for the vintage finds... just beautiful. :-)

Hugs!!!! Vikki x