Friday, 13 March 2009

More on AQC

Here's some photos of some beautiful quilts on display at AQC, I apologise to the makers as I didn't write down the names to go with the photos. The work is just stunning!!

This one drew a big crowd, it was a story book, very 3d, it was so much better in real life

Turn the page
and a close up of a face in a tree

More quilts

More art pieces

and then the fun ones.....A Pavlova!! There was more in this challenge, donuts, cream puffs, lots of imagination!!
There was so many gorgeous quilts on display, couldn't photogragh them all, but believe me they were good!


Anonymous said...

What a feast you all had, thanks for the peep.

Kerri said...

They are amazing. Love the story book. Thanks for sharing the pic with us.

Susan In Texas said...

Wow! Love that first one and the one with the fellow in the window. Totally amazing! I bet they won lots of awards. It makes me really want to go to Houston next year.

Thanks for sharing,

Jan said...

Wow, these quilts are amazing! I am disappointed I wasn't about to go to APQ this year. APQ 2010 - here I come!

Kathie said...

oH my I love the photos
the second quilt is my favorite
any chance you would send me that picture
I JUST love that quilt...its a reproduction of an antique quilt I believe
wonder who ever made that if they published a pattern for it.
thank you

Isabella said...

What a great quilts,thanks for sharing your pics

Sandi said...

WOW! The work that has gone into those quilts - all quite different. I love the pavlova (would you be able to sit on it, if it was on your bed?) It does look rather delish :)

Helena said...

Fantastic quilts, so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

Julie said...

Those are fantastic!

Simone de Klerk said...

Incredible, what people make! Thank you for showing!

Julie said...

Oh my goodness. Those quilt designers are not lcking in the imagination department are they.

wonderwoman said...

wow what fabulous quilts - i just love the story book one, its awesome!


Christine said...

Hi Jo. Great photos. I don't remember the story book quilt. Must have missed it in all the excitement!.

Lenna said...

Gosh these quilts are so inspiring, thanks for sharing them with us Jo. Great to be kept in the loop even though I was not able to attend this year. Hohum maybe next year!