Sunday, 24 August 2008

School Fair for 2008 is Over

And what a long weekend it has been, setting up yesterday and today selling. Here's a snap of the stall I co-ordinated, the Craft Stall of course.

Sales were down this year but the people were sure there. Thank-you to Tonya, Ange, Lachlan & Mitchell, my Mum and sister for all there help. Big thanks to my sister for having to race out before the fair to get some goodies that I'd forgotten to get for the face painting and hairdooz stall.
My feet and back are sore, going to have an early night. At least now I can concentrate on my own projects again.


wonderwoman said...

your stall looked lovely and i know if i'd been there i would have had to be handcuffed to stop me buying it all up!!!!
hope you had a good rest you certainly deserve it!

Kerri said...

Jo, your craft stall looks great. You and the team did a great job. You all deserve a good rest.


Roseanne said...

Jo your stall look good .School fairs are hard work .A lot of time put into setting up . I have a big money box for my grand children .All the family put money in it all year . So the children can go tho the fair . we started that last year because my daughter could not afford then to go .So they missed out every year. There friend would tell them what good fun they had at the fair .So they can go now and spend the money we have save for them .There fair is three week before christmas .They had so much fun last year it was there very first fair ..

Julie said...

Oh wow, I wish I could have been there to buy some of your crafts. It is a really cute booth!

quilterpolly said...

I bet it was a really long week-end but when your kids are grown you will wonder where the time went. They grow up way to fast. I remember being a part of that. Thought I would never be done with all the volunteer projects at school. Now I enjoy everyone talk about them and seeing pictures of them. Great job...enjoy them!
Polly in Long Beach

Carin said...

You are a brace woman to handle anything at the school fair!