Thursday, 26 June 2008

First Snow 2008

Had to share this with you, this is the view from my office window - Mt Wellington with the first snow for 2008. Snow gets down to about 600m on average here, rarely does it land in my backyard. It is very picturesque though and I love looking up at the mountain.


AnnieB said...

..what an amazing view to have from your office...looks beautiful...hope you are keeping warm though!

Stina said...

Wish I could be thrilled of the news of the snow... ;D but since I just got rid of it...I just feel sorry for you...;D
Ohhh..I wish for you some wonderful quilts to snuggle under...wintertime is a cozy season...light some candles and keep warm!

Christine said...

I had a similar view from my bedroom window when I lived at Newtown in my uni days. Looks nice but I don't like the cold much. Good stitching weather.