Friday, 7 March 2008

Pincushions and Noah's Ark BOM

What a busy week I've hard, I've been juggling 4 crafty projects, scrapbooking , 4 engineering projects plus writing a business case, it's a wonder my brain switches off at night sometimes.

Anyway I'm only going to tell you about the crafty stuff.

Firstly I bloghopped over to Blueberry Lane and found a great competition to win an out of print book by Lynette Anderson and to enter I have to post a picture of my pincushion so here it is.

My son gave him to me years ago, it wasn't meant to be a pincushion it just ended up that way. I've got several others but none have the sentimental value that this one has.

I've also finished Lynette Anderson's first block from her free, yes I said FREE, Noah's Ark BOM. Lynette's been blogging for a year and is posting the BOM as a thank-you to all her readers.

Aren't they gorgeous, the stitchery is only 2" square and was a quick project to do. I can't wait to do the rest! Thank-you Lynette for being so generous!

I'll show some pictures of the scrapbooking another post, still a little bit to do!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I love your pincushion! And you've done your stitchery really beautifully - I haven't started mine yet!

Lucy x

AnnieB said...

oh I love that pincushion - I love how it looks, and that your son gave it to you...perfect

your Noah's Ark square looks gorgeous _ I must get over to only worry is it would take me so long I wouldn't have time for anything else, I'm a slow slow stitcher

things sound very busy, am glad you are getting a chance to craft in the midst of all the engineering and business case writing


May Britt said...

What a cute pincushion. And every time you use it you have good memories.

Carin said...

I have to say poor teddy looks like a voodoo doll! LOL!! He is great!